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Mrs. Sarah Mayle
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Sarah is an experienced facilitator that can provide attendees the flexibility to learn and grow while honoring the agenda of the day. She is experienced in creating the content to meet a client’s need as well as certified to facilitate Core Strengths: Results through Relationships™ Solutions and InsideOut Coaching™. She maintains a contagious positive energy for the room and maximizes the opportunity to be rewarding and beneficial for all attendees. 


Assessments and Standard Programs


The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ (LEA) 360 Assessment

This revealing Management Research Group assessment provides leaders with feedback from their boss(es), peers, and direct reports, contextualizing behaviors, illuminating gaps between perception and reality, that leads to deep self-awareness. This report details 26 leadership competencies that provide actionable insights into the impact leaders have on their key constituents.

Energy Leadership Index

The Energy Leadership Index is an insightful assessment that measures one’s attitude and provides insight to how perceptions, experiences and one’s belief system impacts their view of the world. This can have an inspiring impact to launch a client on their transformation journey of personal growth that will lead to professional development like they have never experienced before.


Personal Directions™

A Management Research Group tool, Personal Directions® measures 18 life architecture and 11 quality of life variables to provide individuals with clear, powerful feedback on how they see themselves in significant areas of their lives. Capitalizing on the insights this feedback brings, Personal Directions® lays a deep, robust foundation for both career development and personal growth to foster individual success at work and in life.

Individual Directions Inventory™

The Individual Directions Inventory explores hidden drivers and untapped sources of energy, connecting motivation and behavior in innovative new ways to empower individuals and organizations to make unprecedented progress toward their goals. This Management Research Group assessment compliments the exploratory nature of executive coaching, selection, development and retention of high potential leaders, team development and career transitions.


Core Strengths: Results through Relationships™ Solutions

The Core Strengths approach teaches people how to choose strengths in light of motivations, which allows them to produce better results for themselves, their team, and their organization. Having a choice of which strengths to use fosters real accountability, because people feel personally responsible for what they freely choose, and they take ownership of their choices, actions, and most important – their results.


Sarah utilizes her ability to involve, entertain and bring value to your group and organization through speaking engagements. Contact her today to learn more about the coaching, leadership and motivation content already developed or work with her to tailor something new just for you.


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