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PC Matic

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2515 W. 22nd St.
Sioux City, Iowa 51103

Primary Contact Number: (803) 447-0651


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Business Representative

Mrs. Morgan Rubens
Channel Sales Manager

We believe in effective and economical application whitelisting that is easy to use.  

PC Matic delivers default-deny endpoint security for homes, businesses, public sector, and state, local, and government agencies.  PC Matic is the ONLY antivirus on the market that is 100% developed & supported in the USA.  Backed by our proprietary global Application Allow List, we proactively block more threats than our competition while providing simple centralized cloud based management.

Whitelisting is in our DNA. PC Matic includes a multi-level whitelist approach through our RDP Authentication, Automated Global Whitelist for malware prevention, advanced Microsoft Office whitelist, and management console authentication.  By basing multiple levels of our protection on a default-deny approach, we are able to offer advanced protection ensuring the security of your digital assets.

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