Jani King of Columbia

Business and Professional Services, Home Maintenance, Janitorial, Janitorial & Cleaning Equipment

Contact Information

720 Gracern Road, Suite 116
Columbia, SC 29210

Primary Contact Number: (803) 748-8611


Accepts the Chamber Gift Card

Business Representative

Mr. Tammy Gonzales
Regional Director

Being the King of Clean isn’t the easiest title to hold, but for Jani-King of Columbia we work hard to make sure that title is upheld. We do so by providing the best in Columbia Commercial Cleaning Services and by exceeding your expectations. Our Jani-King of Columbia, SC location is ready to take on your cleaning challenge. We specialize in Commercial Cleaning a variety of business locations including office cleaning, retail cleaning, special event facilities and more. Our staff is prepared and is available to provide special accommodations to fit your needs!

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