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Z-Learning - ​Explore the zoo from home

Z-Learning - ​Explore the zoo from home




April 1, 2020
Daily 10am - 2pm

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Discover Z-Learning with River Banks Zoo!


Discover the Wilder Side of E-Learning through Z-Learning! Riverbanks may be temporarily closed to guests, but you can still experience new adventures at the Zoo and Garden through Z-Learning--the wilder side of E-Learning.


Each weekday at 10:00 am EST beginning March 19, Riverbanks will bring the Zoo and Garden right to you through Facebook features including live interactions, behind-the-scenes peeks, fun too-cute-to-handle, plus an activity you can do right at home. Z-Learning offers children, families and our community a new way to explore the Zoo and Garden while creating connections and inspiring action that will have a lasting impact on conservation.


Join us on Facebook and discover Z-Learning at Riverbanks each weekday at 10:00am EST.



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