​Lisa Hostetler wants to change the way people think about lawyers

March 7, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

​Lisa Hostetler wants to change the way people think about lawyers

“Most people start with a negative opinion of lawyers,” said Lisa Hostetler. “They say they hope they never need a lawyer. We are trying to change that perception.” April 11 marks their four-year anniversary of providing quality legal care to customers in the Midlands, Upstate, and Charlotte. LawyerLisa just recently opened their newest location here in Lexington.

LawyerLisa specializes in a wide range of practice areas including real estate closings, estate planning, business formations and more. The attorneys at LawyerLisa want to help simplify some of the more overwhelming situations life throws our way. “ Helping people buy a home, whether it is their first home or their fifth, can be an overwhelming experience, so our team emphasizes high quality legal work, while making the process as easy as we can on our clients” Hostetler added. “We also love helping families plan for their future through comprehensive estate planning. Estate planning is for everyone, so we try to make it an experience that both a 25 year old and a 75 year will enjoy.”


With 13 employees, LawyerLisa offers a wide variety of legal services and also the experience and knowledge to assist each customer with their unique situation. “We don’t just limit our advice to what you think you need help with; we offer creative solutions and varying options based on your desired goals and objectives.” LawyerLisa prides itself on quality and service. They offer flexible payment terms and desire to help each customer in the most cost-effective way possible. “I like to tell people, ‘we are the good kind of lawyers’”, Hosteler said. “If you come to see us, it probably means you are doing something right.”

Their new Lexington office is located at 5175 Sunset Blvd. For more information about LawyerLisa, visit http://www.lawyerlisa.com/.