Gov. McMaster's Full Talk + Q&A

May 30, 2018 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Yesterday's visit from Gov. Henry McMaster was filled with great food (thank you, Alodia's Cucina Italia) and great stories that displayed the business atmosphere and opportunity that is found in South Carolina. 

The governor mentioned that companies from Japan to Sweden notice that South Carolina is a "hand-shake state" meaning when someone shakes your hand, gives you their word and looks you in the eye, you can count on them. "That is something you can't build overnight," said McMaster. "You can put a factory up... but you cannot create people."

Since his arrival in office, the governor has announced $6 billion of investment in SC and over 20,000 new jobs. Listen to the full talk to hear about how higher education institutions are advancing economic development, facts about some of the state's biggest companies like BMW and more.

Want to hear what your fellow members asked the governor? Skip to 21:00!